Fish Beautiful Fish
Fish Beautiful Fish

Teriyaki Salmon

calrose rice, scallion, sesame seed
4.8 stars (17 reviews)
Elegantly grilled salmon seasoned with a tangy teriyaki sauce and served on a nest of steamed rice alongside cabbage slaw with scallions, sesame seeds, and roasted peanuts for a gratifying crunch.

Grilled Salmon Ponzu

basmati rice salad, roasted broccolini
4.6 stars (1,939 reviews)
Grill salmon until flaky but still moist and serve with a warm "salad" of brown basmati rice, lemon vinaigrette, scallions, cilantro, and grilled broccolini. Add citrus-soy ponzu sauce that's just a bit salty to drizzle over the whole thing.

Shrimp & Couscous Salad

shallot vinaigrette, pepitas, mint, cauliflower
4.6 stars (603 reviews)
Serve spicy shrimp with honey-scented couscous mixed with fresh mint, roasted cauliflower florets, arugula, romaine, and nutty toasted pepita seeds. On the side, add tangy shallot vinaigrette.

Spring Salmon with Gratin

potato gratin, pea shoots, spring pea sauce
4.6 stars (429 reviews)
The colors of the season have arrived at the table—an herb gremolata and a tangy pea soubise (a French onion and butter sauce) bring fresh shades of green to an herb-marinated fillet of grilled salmon. On the side, rainbow hues of watermelon radish join pea shoots in a simple salad, and a potato leek gratin offers rich, warm flavor.

Shrimp Garlic Scampi

parmigiano Reggiano, linguine, olive oil
4.6 stars (428 reviews)
Shrimp first made their way into scampi dishes long ago when Norwegian lobster, scampi's traditional topping, became scarce in Italy. We’re sure glad they did. Delicately season shrimp with salt and chile pepper and cook until pink and plump in a buttery garlic sauce crowned with shaved parmesan.

Creole Salmon Sandwich

tartar sauce, arugula, bayou potato salad
4.6 stars (251 reviews)
If you've spent time in New Orleans, you probably know about the power of the po' boy. This particular take on the classic creole sandwich is stacked with blackened salmon, peppery arugula, and sliced tomato—all on a soft hoagie roll slathered in tangy tartar sauce. Even the potato salad is kicked up with spices prevalent down in the Bayou.

Salmon & Mixed Grain Tabbouleh

harissa tahini yogurt, arugula. lemon
4.5 stars (2,891 reviews)
Marinate salmon fillets with fresh ginger, chives, and chile flakes before roasting. Serve them over a chilled tabbouleh salad made with quinoa, lentils, and cracked wheat tossed with lemon juice, olive oil, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, Italian parsley, and mint. Place everything on a bed of baby arugula leaves and a sauce made with tahini, harissa, yogurt, garlic, and olive oil.

Char-Grilled Atlantic Salmon

horseradish crushed potatoes, steamed broccoli
4.5 stars (2,075 reviews)
Pair a char-grilled fillet of salmon with horseradish-spiked mashed potatoes and fresh broccoli to create a simple but satisfying dinner.

Pesto Salmon

roasted fingerling potatoes, baby carrots
4.5 stars (1,925 reviews)
Homemade pesto brings a delicious tang to a lovely grilled fillet of salmon. To complete this tasteful, wholesome dish, cut fingerling potatoes into discs and roast them along with baby carrots.

Salmon & Sicilian Caper Relish

green beans, mashed potatoes, pine nuts
4.5 stars (1,240 reviews)
Serve roasted salmon along a generous side of creamy, puréed potatoes, blanched green beans, and a delicious relish of golden raisins, salty capers, and pine nuts.

Grilled Ahi Tuna

wasabi mashed potatoes, teriyaki broccolini
4.5 stars (1,149 reviews)
Marinate a thick ahi tuna steak in tamari (gluten-free soy sauce) and then quickly grill it. Serve with whipped wasabi mashed potatoes, teriyaki-glazed broccolini, and a mustard-miso vinaigrette.

Pan-Seared Salmon

leeks, bacon, fingerling potatoes, chive crema
4.5 stars (1,114 reviews)
Pan-seared salmon with roasted fingerling potatoes, melted leeks, smoked bacon, pickled red onions and chive crema.

Grilled Salmon & Orzo Pasta Salad

spinach, romesco, & almonds
4.5 stars (1,080 reviews)
Grill a fresh filet of salmon and serve with a mix of orzo pasta, spinach, and spring peas over a bright romesco sauce.

White Miso Salmon

grilled asparagus, wild rice, bok choy
4.5 stars (1,015 reviews)
Marinate salmon fillets in white miso, ginger, sake, and honey and then oven-roast until medium-rare so they're moist and flavorful. Serve the fish with grilled asparagus tossed with homemade ginger-soy dressing as well as a mix of wild rice, bok choy, carrots, and crimini mushrooms.

Not Your Mama's Shrimp Taco Salad

quinoa, black beans, tomatoes, lime dressing
4.5 stars (912 reviews)
Marinate shrimp with achiote, a Yucatecan spice paste, garlic, orange juice, and herbs then roast them. Serve the super flavorful shrimp with cilantro-lime quinoa, black beans, and marinated tomatoes and red onions. Topped with crispy tortilla strips and crumbled cotija cheese.

Mediterranean Grilled Salmon

creamy eggplant, farro, middle-eastern pickles
4.5 stars (729 reviews)
While salmon isn't native to the Middle East, it sure pairs well with those flavors! Marinate a succulent fillet with za'atar, an aromatic spice blend of thyme and sumac. Toss herbed farro with creamy grilled eggplant spread and top with a vibrant assortment of pickled turnips, cucumber, and pepperoncini.

Salmon Poke Rice Bowl

pickled ginger, mizuna greens, mango
4.5 stars (673 reviews)
An elevated taste of the islands, this poke bowl features ultra-fresh salmon nestled on a bed of sushi rice. Crisp radishes, carrots, and Persian cucumbers provide the perfect touch of crunch, while pickled ginger and a luscious mango-coconut dressing add exceptional depth of flavor.

Branzino with Green Bean Salad

dill, creme fraiche, grilled lemon
4.5 stars (554 reviews)
This dish is a celebration of simplicity. Roast branzino, then sit it atop a refreshing bed of blanched green beans, shaved fennel, shaved radishes, and a creamy dill dressing. Squeeze lemon on top to finish it all off.

Sea Bass with Paella Rice

cilantro gremolata and oven roasted tomatoes
4.5 stars (438 reviews)
Grill sea bass with all it needs: salt and pepper. Serve with paella-style rice with saffron, garlic, and smoked paprika laced with peas, roasted artichoke hearts, piquillo peppers. On the side, serve cilantro chimichurri for your saucing pleasures.

Salmon with Fennel & Potato Salad

fennel potato salad, caper remoulade
4.5 stars (432 reviews)
Slather salmon fillets in spicy Dijon mustard, then roast to form a nice crust. Served on top of roasted fingerling potatoes, shaved roasted fennel, green onions, and a tangy whole grain mustard vinaigrette sprinkled with freshly chopped dill. Throw some arugula in there for an extra peppery bite, and on the side is a creamy, tangy caper remoulade sauce.

Rock Cod with Corn Succotash

edamame & corn succotash, mizuna, tartar sauce
4.5 stars (419 reviews)
Serve pan-seared cod with a colorful corn and edamame succotash, mizuna greens, and a lemon wedge.

Sea Bass with Lentils & Beets

baby carrots, tendrils, miso, hazelnuts
4.5 stars (414 reviews)
The earthy flavors of golden beets, baby carrots, and miso butter work in tandem with the delicate texture and rich taste of this sea bass. Fresh pea tendrils add color to the plate and lend some snap, while the base of beluga lentils soaks in the combined flavors of the dish.

Pan Seared Branzino

couscous & arugula salad, tomato vinaigrette
4.5 stars (395 reviews)
Sear sea bass to let the clean taste of Branzino shine through. Serve it with a Mediterranean-style couscous salad full of olives, golden raisins, red peppers, and capers. Add a chunky tomato vinaigrette that's equally tasty on the fish and salad.

Grilled Branzino with Ponzu

steamed baby bok choy, snap peas, sticky rice
4.5 stars (364 reviews)
Grill fillets of branzino and serve with steamed rice, baby bok choy, crisp snap peas, and a ponzu sauce that compliments the simplicity of the dish. Dinner is served!

Salmon with Broken Rice Salad

mango-Thai basil sauce, toasted coconut
4.5 stars (270 reviews)
This dish features a fillet of salmon underlined by rice. Toss this Vietnamese specialty with a curry dressing to stay moist and flavorful. A slaw of napa cabbage and a side of toasted coconut add a fresh crunch to this meal, accompanied by a fragrant Thai basil-infused sweet-and-sour mango sauce.

Lemon Grilled Branzino

grilled asparagus, tri-color potato salad
4.5 stars (258 reviews)
Sear fresh branzino with salt, pepper, and a squeeze of lemon, and serve alongside roasted asparagus and a tri-color potato salad with bacon.

Trout & Brown Butter Cauliflower

capers, frisee, Meyer lemon gremolata
4.5 stars (153 reviews)
The humble heart of this dish—a beautifully light fillet of rainbow trout—is dusted in flour and pan-seared to seal in moisture. Toss a bright mixture of roasted cauliflower and thinly-sliced lemons with crunchy pine nuts and briny capers to accompany the subtle fish. Enjoy a fresh salad of fennel, arugula, and frisée on the side along with a parsley-lemon sauce

Maple-Bourbon Glazed Salmon

roasted potatoes & tomatoes, arugula, citrus
4.5 stars (131 reviews)
Did you know that for a libation to call itself "Bourbon", it must be made in the US? Pour the sweet mix of maple syrup and Bourbon over this tender salmon filet. Roasted fingerling potatoes and a light arugula salad round out the experience.

Honey Mustard Glazed Salmon

steamed red potatoes, asparagus, spinach
4.5 stars (129 reviews)
Add the subtle flavor of dill and the not-so-subtle flavor of horseradish to creamy Dijon mustard for a delicious sauce and marinade. Roasted salmon is assertive enough to stand up to these bold flavors, along with steamed red potatoes, asparagus, spinach, and shaved red onion. This meal can be enjoyed cold for a perfect summer picnic, or heated up for a classy dinner on a night in. Enjoy with a dry riesling or a smooth hefeweizen.

Shrimp Remoulade Salad

red remoulade, black eyed peas, 7-minute egg
4.5 stars (128 reviews)
Quickly poach and chill sweet shrimp then dress them in a spicy red remoulade sauce and serve over butter lettuce with a mix of sliced radishes, cool cucumbers, and thinly sliced red onion. Crispy black-eyed peas and creamy-centered seven-minute eggs make this salad a little unusual but totally scrumptious.

Maple-Glazed Salmon

with yellow corn grits, asparagus, honey butter
4.5 stars (120 reviews)
Simple Southern flavors abound in this dish. Yellow corn and cheddar grits form the base for a salmon fillet basted with a glaze of reduced Bourbon and maple syrup. Serve this tender morsel with roasted asparagus and a deliciously smokey honey butter.

Pan-Seared Salmon Rice Bowl

sushi rice, asparagus, wasabi mayonnaise
4.5 stars (23 reviews)
Pan-sear salmon until barely medium-rare and serve it with a sprinkle of fish roe, diced asparagus and fresh chives over steamed sushi rice dressed with a slightly spicy wasabi mayonnaise. Drizzle with sesame-soy dressing for that last hit of amazingness.

Roasted Salmon with Aioli

herbed basmati rice, broccolini
4.4 stars (5,897 reviews)
In this simple dish, grill salmon fillets lightly flavored with fresh herbs. On the side, serve a cluster or broccolini stems and florets, steamed basmati rice, and lemon aioli.

Misoyaki Glazed Salmon

baby bok choy, lomi-lomi tomato, furikake rice
4.4 stars (3,939 reviews)
The origins of this dish can be traced back to island culinary mastermind Roy Yamaguchi from the legendary Roy's Asian Fusion Cuisine. Glaze salmon fillets with a sweet and savory misoyaki sauce, then top with a traditional Hawaiian tomato vinaigrette for acidity. Quite simply, this fish is melt-in-your-mouth-good. Rice seasoned with furikake flakes and steamed baby bok choy round out this elegant meal.

Sesame Seared Salmon

stir-fried vegetables, kimchi aioli
4.4 stars (2,894 reviews)
Coat salmon fillets with black and white sesame seeds then roast until perfectly cooked and the seeds are toasted golden. Serve on a mix of stir-fried bok choy, chopped broccolini, and shiitake mushrooms seasoned with oyster sauce and ginger. Add homemade kimchi aioli on the side.

Gremolata Roasted Salmon

horseradish-whipped potatoes, swiss chard
4.4 stars (2,344 reviews)
Roast fresh salmon fillets until flaky and top with homemade gremolata. Serve with horseradish-scallion whipped potatoes, steamed swiss chard, and a mix of gold and red beets marinated in meyer lemon juice.

Low Country-Style Shrimp & Grits

roasted tomatoes, country ham
4.4 stars (2,180 reviews)
A semi-traditional version of the low-country classic. Grits have always been a staple in Southern cuisine, and shrimp and grits, which started out as a common breakfast dish in post-Civil War Charleston, SC, is still a favorite. Here you’ll fancy it up a bit with the addition of roasted tomatoes and thyme, as well as country-style ham topping the creamy cheddar-infused grits. Sauté plump shrimp with onion, garlic, red and jalapeño peppers, and special secret spices!

Lobster Mac & Cheese

herbed bread crumbs, mixed green side salad
4.4 stars (2,153 reviews)
Make creamy mac & cheese with sweet cream, béchamel, aged white cheddar, and a touch of parmesan. As if that's not enough, top it with chunks of sweet lobster meat, a bit more cheddar, and herbed bread crumbs. Serve with a salad and lemon-shallot vinaigrette dressing.

Grilled Ahi Noodle Salad

peanut-sesame noodles, spicy pickled vegetables
4.4 stars (1,967 reviews)
Grill tamari-marinated ahi rare and serve it on a cold peanut-sesame noodle salad featuring pickled rainbow carrots, cucumbers, fresno chiles, and red onions. Serve with a tamari-ginger-sesame vinaigrette.

New England-Style Shrimp Roll

creamy summer coleslaw
4.4 stars (1,804 reviews)
Sweet white shrimp mixed with celery, shallots, mayonnaise, and spices. It's like a classic lobster roll, but with snappy shrimp highlighted by crisp lettuce and a warm toasted bun. Serve with creamy coleslaw that you can eat on the side, or add to the sandwich, if you're so inclined.

Shrimp Fra Diavolo & Linguine

kale, ricotta salata, chile flakes
4.4 stars (1,366 reviews)
Because spicy is delicious, cook juicy shrimp with a flavorful, mildly spicy tomato sauce and toss with linguine. Top with ricotta salata cheese. Find yourself a nice glass of white wine and you're all set!

Salmon & Ginger-Miso Sauce

peewee potatoes, turnips, grilled scallions
4.4 stars (1,186 reviews)
Herb-coated sliced potatoes, roasted turnips, and smoky grilled scallions are nothing short of fantastic with pan-seared salmon. Drizzle ginger-miso dressing over the fish just as it comes out of the oven.

Seared Salmon & Mustard Dressing

potatoes, pearl onions, celery, peppers, arugula
4.4 stars (1,117 reviews)
Simply season and sear salmon fillets, then glaze them with whole-grain mustard dressing. Serve on a bed of roasted fingerling potatoes, pearl onions, red peppers, celery, and pear tomatoes. A simple salad of arugula and a citrus-infused parsley vinaigrette adds a light finish.

Tamari Grilled Ahi Tuna Salad

cabbage, edamame, cucumber, radish, peanuts, miso
4.4 stars (1,110 reviews)
Marinate ahi tuna in tamari, ginger, and sesame and serve over a blend of shredded cabbages, carrots, red onion, cucumber, radish, and edamame. Top with miso-mustard vinaigrette, crushed peanuts, and fried shallots.

Roasted Shrimp with Saffron Rice

roasted pepper aioli
4.4 stars (1,058 reviews)
Welcome to a roast of flavors galore. Toss fresh, tender shrimp with smoked paprika and roast them to bring out the distinct flavors. Complement the dish with savory Spanish-style saffron rice, roasted peppers, peas and roasted artichoke hearts. Serve with roasted pepper aioli.

Rosemary Salmon Quinoa Bowl

red quinoa, kale, sauce vierge, lemon
4.4 stars (902 reviews)
Season salmon with rosemary and roast until flaky. Serve it over a hearty bed of red quinoa mixed with sautéed kale. A traditional French sauce of tomatoes, olive oil, and garlic dresses the bowl along with a squeeze of fresh lemon.

Grilled Salmon Salad

greens, beets, chickpeas, citrus vinaigrette
4.4 stars (744 reviews)
Toss deliciously tender grilled salmon with mixed greens, chickpeas, and steamed red beets. Slather this savory and healthy salad with chunky citrus vinaigrette.

Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl

wild yellowfin, sushi rice, pickled cucumbers
4.4 stars (675 reviews)
Aloha, gorgeous! Ahi poke is fast becoming a global favorite, and now you can enjoy it at home. Choose wild, line-caught yellowfin tuna, which you will dice and toss with soy sauce vinaigrette. Serve the Hawaiian-inspired fish on a bed of sushi rice seasoned with vinegar, sugar, and salt, accented with tangy furikake, and crispy, delicious Persian cucumbers and carrots.

Salmon & Chickpea Salad

garbanzo bean, snap peas, romesco, arugula
4.4 stars (492 reviews)
The ideal salad has complex flavors and textures in every bite. This salad is a mix of garbanzo beans, peppery arugula, fresh snap peas, and a romesco sauce made of piquillo peppers. At the center is a piece of marinated salmon pan-seared so the outside is nice and browned and gives way to a moist center.

Panang Curry Shrimp

shrimp, panang curry, coconut milk, jasmine rice
4.4 stars (481 reviews)
Panang curry takes its name from the city island off the West coast of Peninsular Malaysia. This type of curry is richer, sweeter, and creamier than the more herbal Thai red curry or green curry. Coat tender shrimp, cremini mushrooms, green beans, and red bell peppers in creamy curry. Serve with jasmine rice to soak up all the flavor.

Vera Cruz-Style Local Cod

cilantro rice, peppers, tomato, olives, capers
4.4 stars (457 reviews)
This is a classic dish from the Vera Cruz area of Mexico with just the right amount of spice. Sauté rockfish or cod and serve with cilantro rice and a mix of sweet and spicy peppers seasoned with fresh oregano, onions, capers, olives, and tomatoes.

Grilled Branzino & Braised Fennel

roasted pepper-olive salsa, baby swiss chard
4.4 stars (267 reviews)
Sear skin-on branzino until firm and flaky. Serve it over roasted fennel and a handful of fresh baby Swiss chard. Top the fish with chunky roasted red pepper and olive salsa.

Shrimp & Super Greens Salad

crispy shallots, bok choy, spicy peanut dressing
4.4 stars (196 reviews)
Marinate shrimp with mint, lime and soy sauce then roast and serve over a bed of baby greens, shredded kale, broccoli, bok choy, and shredded cabbage. Matchstick carrots and fried shallots give it a super crunch, and a drizzle of spicy peanut dressing gives it that delightful kick.

Shrimp Fajitas

roasted peppers, onions, handmade corn tortillas
4.4 stars (152 reviews)
What could be more appealing to the senses than a platter of sizzling fajitas? Spiced shrimp served with roasted peppers and grilled onions make an aromatic filling for soft corn tortillas. Garnish with pickled red onions and cilantro.

Whole New England Lobster

butter, caper-dill tartar sauce, lemon
4.4 stars (134 reviews)
Make tonight a special occasion—serve whole, steamed lobster to turn a stay-at-home dinner into a five-star dining experience. Serve with melted butter, caper-dill tartar sauce, and lemon, all you need to do is crack open the fresh lobster, dip, and enjoy a luxurious evening of high-brow seafood.

Salmon & Bacon Roasted Potatoes

celery root remoulade
4.4 stars (126 reviews)
Fresh salmon gets a dusting of fresh herbs before being roasted to pink perfection. Hearty fingerling potatoes tossed with bacon bring richness to this tender fillet. On the side, serve julienned celery root tossed in a crème fraîche-based remoulade—a French sauce perfect for bringing zest to seafood.

Pan-Seared Salmon with Quinoa

kale, chunky pickled ginger dressing
4.4 stars (59 reviews)
Steamed white quinoa joins a flakey, pan-seared fillet of salmon in this delightfully nutritious bowl. Steamed kale adds fiber and healthful vitamins to complement the protein-abundant grains and omega-3-rich fish. Add pickled ginger sauce for a splash of Asian flavor.

Lemon Basil Salmon

garlicky kale, roasted potatoes
4.3 stars (4,065 reviews)
Sometimes the simple things are best. Here simplicity is fresh salmon topped with thinly sliced lemon and basil before roasting. Add a side of garlicky sauteed kale, as well as tender new potatoes.

Shrimp & Andouille Jambalaya

dirty rice, creole, scallions, roasted peppers
4.3 stars (1,305 reviews)
Smoky andouille sausage in a chunky tomato sauce served over dirty rice for something like a Creole paella. Cook plump shrimp Cajun-style with a handful of chopped scallions to finish the plate.

Roasted Shrimp Noodle Salad

peanut-sesame noodles, spicy pickled vegetables
4.3 stars (415 reviews)
Here's a cold summer entree of tamari-marinated shrimp grilled and served on a peanut-sesame noodle salad with spicy pickled rainbow carrots, cucumbers, fresno chiles, red onions. Serve with a tamari-ginger-sesame vinaigrette.

Seared Salmon & Chile Mint Pesto

with steamed rice and green beans
4.6 stars (2,083 reviews)
Marinate salmon fillets in a Southeast Asian-inspired cilantro pesto spiked with chile and mint. Serve over steamed coconut rice tossed with roasted red peppers and green beans. Because you can never have enough sauce, add more pesto on top.

Shrimp Laksa

coconut yellow curry, rice noodles
4.3 stars (225 reviews)
A bold yellow curry is softened with coconut milk in this snug Southeast Asian soup. Add fragrant lemongrass, ginger, and bright makrut lime leaves for a touch of lemon-y freshness. Thin rice noodles and tender shrimp soak up a lovely SPICY broth, and a sweet cucumber and pineapple garnish adds taste.

Tuna Puttanesca

kalamata olives, heirloom cherry tomatoes
4.3 stars (43 reviews)
This southern Italian staple may be incredibly simple to make, but it’s as boldly flavorful as any pasta dish we know. Our take on puttanesca begins with a robust sauce of tomatoes, garlic, red chile flakes, olives, and capers that’s tossed with ahi tuna and spaghetti. A dusting of breadcrumbs brings an elegant, nutty crunch to every savory bite.

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