Soups, Chilis & Stews
Soups, Chilis & Stews

Creamy White Bean & Chicken Chili

grilled bread, shredded cheddar
4.8 stars (68 reviews)
Who doesn't love a chili cook-off? This entry would score high with the judges in both flavor and freshness. Chicken and fresh vegetables are simmered in a rich tomato base with cheddar cheese.

Red Lentil Soup

fried naan, mint Greek yogurt
4.7 stars (310 reviews)
Brighten a rainy day with the dip of a spoon. Simmer mirepoix, red lentils, garlic, and serrano chiles in a veggie stock to create this vibrant soup, then season it with cumin, cilantro, and green onion. Garnish this cozy Indian pick-me-up with fried naan chips and a refreshing mint Greek yogurt.

Spicy Tan Tan Pork Ramen

ground pork, scallion, sesame, peanut-chile broth
4.7 stars (162 reviews)
Tan tan noodles feature some of the trademark heat in Sichuan cuisine, and have become a late-night favorite at noodle houses and Izakayas alike. In this soup, drown chewy noodles, minced pork, chopped scallions, crispy garlic chips, and toasted sesame seeds in a slightly spicy peanut-chile broth. A satisfying bowl, to be sure.

Winter Squash & Coconut Bisque

coconut milk, cinnamon, turmeric, cumin yogurt
4.7 stars (51 reviews)
Take yams, butternut squash, onions, carrots, and celery and blend them together with seasonal spices. A splash of coconut milk brings a little extra sweetness to winter's favorite flavors, and a garnish of pumpkin seeds, cilantro, fried shallots, and tangy cumin yogurt makes this soup a rainy day must-have.

Yaki Udon

shitakes, snow peas, daikon, rayu sesame oil, nori
4.7 stars (34 reviews)
There's nothing like the sweet aroma of stir-fried noodles wafting through a bustling izakaya. The chewy thickness of udon, the crunch of fresh cabbage, and the earthiness of shiitake mushrooms will satiate even the heartiest of appetites. Few things are more comforting as a bowl of noodles and this one won't disappoint.

Pozole Rojo

pork, hominy, ancho chili, tortilla chips
4.6 stars (399 reviews)
Dip your spoon into a bowlful of Mexican flare. Simmer tender braised pork shoulder with hominy, onions, ancho chiles and chipotle peppers until laden with richness. Add shredded cabbage and sliced radishes plus cilantro and onions to mediate the heat, and a squeeze of lime for zing in each warm bite. Enjoy the crunch of blue corn tortilla chips on the side, or use them to scoop up the last drops of this tasty stew.

Brazilian Fish Stew

steamed rice, roasted peppers, rockfish, shrimp
4.6 stars (188 reviews)
This dish hails from Brazil's northeastern province of Bahia, where it is known as "moqueca." The exact ingredients vary depending on who's cooking and what the local fishermen brought in that day, but the usual suspects are bell peppers, onion, fresh white fish, and shrimp, which all go into a rich coconut milk-based sauce. We suggest Pacific Northwest rockfish in this version, plus smoked paprika and chili powder to add some depth and a nice kick.

Beef & Mushroom Stroganoff

egg noodles, peas
4.5 stars (1,622 reviews)
A classic dish with succulent, long-braised hunks of chuck roast and cremini mushrooms cooked together in a beefy broth. It's finished with sour cream to add rich creaminess as well as fresh parsley. Served with egg noodles and English peas on the side.

Spicy Braised Beef Chili

cornbread, tortilla strips, crema, queso
4.5 stars (1,339 reviews)
Perfect comfort food for a chilly night. Braise beef slowly in chile paste made with fire-roasted fresh and dried chiles, black beans, tomatoes, onions, and chili spices. Serve with a side of soft cornbread and crisp tortilla strips, queso fresco, and cilantro crema to add to the top.

Lamb Vindaloo

rice, naan, peas, yogurt-mint sauce
4.5 stars (282 reviews)
Braise tender pieces of lamb with a vindaloo sauce until fall-from-the-fork tender. Spoon the stew over a blend of rice and peas with fingerling potatoes added for heartiness. Add toasted naan on the side to scoop up the yumminess as well as minted yogurt sauce.

Beef Bourguignon

onions, bacon, mashed potatoes
4.5 stars (247 reviews)
A classic French beef dish made famous in the US by Julia Child. Slow braise beef in red wine with bacon, carrots, and onions, then serve with mashed potatoes and roasted mushrooms to finish this wonderfully rich meal.

White Bean Kale Soup

4.5 stars (175 reviews)
Take a page out of Florentine cookbooks for this hearty minestrone. The warm, classic Italian combination of kale and white beans nourishes as it comforts, packing healthful vitamins and empowering protein into a simply scrumptious soup.

Cream of Mushroom Soup

baguette crostini, walnut olive oil garnish
4.5 stars (168 reviews)
Taste comfort food at its elegant best—simmer crimini and portobello mushrooms with aromatics in cream and veggie stock before puréeing them into a velvety smooth soup. Dip in baguette crostini and top your bowl with walnut olive oil garnish for added texture.

Clam Chowder

bacon, fingerling potatoes, cream
4.5 stars (147 reviews)
Celebrate soup season with the dish your spoon waits all year for. This clam chowder has it all—a creamy bechamel base, sourdough croutons to sprinkle in, and, of course, bacon. Cozy up to a cup for lunch or complement your next dinner with this savory sensation.

Three-Bean Brisket Chili

jalapeno cornbread, cheddar, green onion
4.5 stars (91 reviews)
This dish is a cure for cold weather. A hearty chili featuring three types of beans (black, pinto, and kidney), braised brisket, and a splash of pale ale. We were going to call it, "Three Bean, Braised Brisket, & Beer Chili," but that would have been overkill. Better to have a mouthful of chili than a mouthful of words!

Chicken Chili with Corn Bread

honeycomb butter, cheddar, scallions, sour cream
4.5 stars (81 reviews)
Who doesn't love a chili cook-off? This entry would score high with the judges in both flavor and freshness. Simmer chicken and fresh vegetables in a rich tomato base, then serve with all of the traditional toppings that make a good bowl of chili exceptional. Enjoy with warm cornbread slathered with honeycomb butter for the complete experience.

Santa Fe-Style Green Chile Stew

braised pork, green chiles, cilantro
4.4 stars (4,523 reviews)
Slowly braise pork in green chiles and a special mix of Southwestern spices until tender and succulent. Serve with a side of steamed rice to soak up the sauce and cilantro leaves for a hit of freshness with each bite.

Artichoke Chickpea Stew

marinated goat cheese, grilled bread
4.4 stars (1,469 reviews)
Simmer chickpeas in tomato, onions, garlic, olives, fennel, roasted orange peel, and artichoke hearts to make a flavorful, hearty stew. Serve this dish with crusty bread and goat cheese.

Thai Chicken Noodle Soup

red curry, cilantro, mint, rice noodles
4.4 stars (454 reviews)
Flat rice noodles swim in a spicy, red curry-coconut broth with onions, garlic, ginger, sliced shiitake mushrooms, and pulled chicken. Garnish your soup with a squeeze of lime, cilantro, and torn mint leaves. It's the perfect thing to slurp on a chilly night.

Paneer & Lentil Stew

lentil curry, spicy yogurt, turmeric rice
4.4 stars (381 reviews)
Simmer a stew with ginger, garlic, tomatoes, and coconut curry paste until tender. Then fold in cubed, creamy, salty roasted paneer and serve with basmati turmeric rice, spicy serrano cucumber yogurt, and naan for dipping!

Beef Udon

dashi-soy broth, scallions, garlic, hardboiled egg
4.4 stars (234 reviews)
Roast tender tri-tip and thinly slice. Lay the beef slices into warm dashi broth over the chewy udon noodles. Add a sprinkle of chopped scallions and fried garlic chips over an egg. Once that's all done, you're ready to slurp away.

New Orleans-Style Gumbo

andouille sausage, chicken, creole spices
4.4 stars (210 reviews)
This recipe comes from a chef at Commander's Palace in New Orleans. It's thickened with a dark roux, which adds a delightful depth to this NOLA favorite. Load your gumbo with tender chicken, spicy andouille sausage, peppers, and plenty of Creole spices. Serve it over a bowl of steamed white rice with your favorite hot sauce on the side if you like to spice it up.

Tom Yum Soup

lemongrass, makrut lime leaves
4.4 stars (200 reviews)
This piping hot soup gets great depth from broth simmered with ginger, garlic, and onions, plus the savory addition of button mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and shredded chicken. Garnish with cilantro and a squeeze of sour lime to tease out fragrance from the lemongrass and makrut lime leaves, then enjoy the comfy warmth and pleasant zing of each spoonful.

Red Curry Shrimp Soup

udon, bean sprouts, mint, cilantro
4.4 stars (116 reviews)
This tasty and fragrant soup is reminiscent of what's served street-side from stalls throughout southeast Asia. Fold red curry paste into a simmering pot of lobster stock and coconut milk. Add gently blanched udon noodles along with plump, juicy shrimp. A squeeze of lime along with mung bean sprouts and fresh herbs like mint and cilantro finish off the meal nicely.

Black Bean Stew

jalapeño collard slaw, cornbread, honey butter
4.3 stars (1,374 reviews)
Slow-roast garnet sweet potatoes until tender and fold them into a hearty black bean stew seasoned with cumin and smoked paprika in a rich tomato base. Serve it with a large piece of cornbread and honey-whipped butter. For cool crunch, jalapeño collard green coleslaw adds some freshness. You can eat it solo or spooned over the stew.

French Onion Soup

onion broth, grilled levain, cheese
4.3 stars (818 reviews)
French onion soup, that classic and decadent bowl that’s topped with a piece of bread and covered with melted cheese. Start with a rich vegetable broth, add a variety of onions, and top with a thick slice of levain that’s been grilled and topped with Gruyére. Sounds great, right? We also suggest a nice bottle of red earthy wine to go with this classic, perhaps a red Burgundy!

Tortilla Soup

tortilla strips, cotija cheese, lime
4.3 stars (436 reviews)
Tortilla soup can be thin and brothy, but not this one! Chicken broth, onions, peppers, chile, tortillas, tomato and spices are simmered together until thick and delicious. On the side, serve shredded green cabbage, scallions, cotija cheese, cilantro, sliced Fresno chile, and lime, all for your garnishing pleasure.

Pork Chile Rojo Stew

lime-cotija crema, onions, marjoram, corn tortilla
4.3 stars (267 reviews)
Slow-roast pork shoulder with tomatoes, potatoes, chickpeas, and spices until it's a warm and hearty stew. Serve with lime and a bit of dried marjoram to sprinkle on the top.

Chicken Noodle Soup

mirepoix, dill, carrots, celery
4.3 stars (238 reviews)
It’s time for the most heartwarming three-word phrase we know—chicken noodle soup. Begin with chicken broth, simmer with free-range chicken, mirepoix, dill, and parsley until laden with deep, soothing flavor. The addition of more chicken, carrots, celery, onion, and noodles transforms this dish into a bowlful of comfortable flavor.

Cream of Cauliflower Soup

currants, pickled peppers, dill
4.3 stars (95 reviews)
Purée cauliflower and onions into a velvety soup perfect for a cozy fall afternoon. Before you dip your spoon, sprinkle on our scrumptious garnish of pickled peppers, sweet currants, aromatic dill, and more cauliflower to bring texture and bite to your bowl.

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

bok choy, wheat noodles, braised beef
4.2 stars (182 reviews)
This take on the Taiwanese national dish marries age-old tradition with robust, modern flavor. Begin by blanching cubed beef in boiling water—a customary ‘clean-broth’ approach from 7th century China that yields a clearer broth and flavor. Then simmer the beef in a slightly piquant mixture of soy sauce, hot bean paste, ginger, star anise, cinnamon, scallions, and a touch of red chile. Once the beef becomes tender, thick wheat noodles, bok choy, and scallions join the soup. On the side, serve pickled mustard greens to enjoy in between bites.

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