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Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee

the original cold brew
4.6 stars
(295 reviews)
Available on 02/23/2017
  • Vegetarian
  • No Gluten Added
  • No Dairy Added
  • Vegan
  • No Egg Added
We start with the highest quality coffee, cold brew it without heat for over 12 hours, then use a double filtration process to procure the end result: a complex, smooth and full-bodied brew with low-acid and a chocolate finish. Feelings of invincibility and euphoria are likely to follow. Served in a 10.5 fl oz bottle.

What People Are Saying

5 Stars
Yes, yes, yes!
4 Stars
Very good. Might try flavored creamer next time.
5 Stars
So rich and delicious! Perfect for a sunny summer day!
3 Stars
Very bitter
5 Stars
This is the best tasting coffee ever!
4 Stars
There's a little sour after taste. But, it is still very good if you mix it with cream and sugar (or hot cocoa)
5 Stars
My absolute favorite of all the cold brewed coffees sold in Seattle.
4 Stars
It's delicious, but just a bit overpriced for coffee :(
4 Stars
Amazing roasted flavor really sets you up for disappointment in making your own pot of coffee. Wish it wasn't so pricey!
5 Stars
Yep. Delicious. Thick, flavorful on its own, with the definite chocolatey finish they advertise.
5 Stars
Love this stuff!