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Naughty Hops

barrel brothers brewing company
4.3 stars
(96 reviews)
Available on 12/03/2016
Dry hopped with Barrel Brother's revolutionary ‘Hop Spanker’ technology” Naughty Hops tantalizes with aromas of green tea and citrus, with a full malty backbone and a not-too- bitter hop finish, leaving you saying “Thank you, may I have another? **A 21+ year old adult must be present to receive the delivery at the scheduled time and address and provide picture ID as proof of age** 750ml ABV 6.5% Items are sold by Cellar Searchers Inc. which is the seller of record - all taxes and shipping fees are collected on its behalf. Price includes taxes.

What People Are Saying

4 Stars
This IPA was mellow and quite tasty. It was less bitter than most IPAs but still had great hop flavors and a wonderful malty aroma. Good stuff!
1 Stars
Not the best IPA I've ever tasted.