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Chef Robert Cubberly

Director of Culinary R&D
(36393 reviews)

Menu for Tomorrow, October 25

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Before joining Munchery as our Head of Culinary, Chef Robert Cubberly spent 20 years at various award-winning restaurants in the Bay Area, including many years partnering with Cindy Pawlcyn at the Real Restaurants Group and Bradley Ogden at Lark Creek Inn, both driving forces in the rebirth of American Regional, from-scratch cooking.

During those years he received 3-star reviews from the San Francisco Chronicle, plus write-ups in both Gourmet and Food Arts magazines. 
After spending a year in Europe, he opened his own 3-star French bistro, Le Petit Robert, on Russian Hill in San Francisco in 2001.

In 2007, Chef Cubberly ventured into corporate dining; he led three cafes at Google and developed their beta supper club. He then started Local Foodworks, a home meal delivery service in 2009.

He joined Starbucks in 2012 as a product developer, using sustainably raised food in large-scale production to create a new level of food quality at an affordable price. 

When he’s not in the kitchen, you’ll find him at a San Francisco Giants game, digging in his garden, or hiking through the woods with a pack on his back.

Total Reviews:
36393 reviews
Average Rating:
4.4 out of 5 stars
5 stars
4 stars
3 stars
2 stars
1 star
Tasty salmon and tomato soup. Prompt and friendly delivery.
5  Stars
By Jack Sherman
Amazing!!! One of my favorites. Chicken is delicious, dressing is perfection!
5  Stars
By Carolyn Parra
More greens please, actually double the greens please
5  Stars
By Laurie Shlala
Generous portion and delicious. The raw carrots over power the flavor a bit, it would have been better if it was blenched. Salmon was great. Very refreshing sauce with the cucumber.
5  Stars
By Sunny Tsai
Unbelievably good! We lived it
5  Stars
By Diane Roberts
Munchery at its best!
5  Stars
By Dave Barnard
Rice was hard
3  Stars
By Suzanne Fleiszig
I'd love this more if the cheese were on the side!
4  Stars
By Genevieve Roja
2  Stars
By Ryan Scott
Such good flavor!! Needs a bit more lettuce but I just add my own. It's the perfect lunch or on the go dinner!
5  Stars
By Chelsea Lewis
Too raw - just ok
3  Stars
By Tammy Bolin
Awful - the texture was like saw dust solidified . Totally tasteless Only dish from Munchery totally unappreciated.
1  Stars
By Marcy Ballard
This dish is 99% quinoa with a sprinkling of black beans, two cherry tomato halves, and 1tsp pickled onions. The chicken was undercooked. Definitely not ordering again.
2  Stars
By Allie Barr
Half of one cherry tomato is not enough and the dressing was almost flavor-free -- needs more pizzazz!
3  Stars
By Melissa Trousdale
The preparation has changed lately ... Only a few pieces of lettuce are included.
3  Stars
By Jelena Obradovic
The salmon was extremely under cooked
1  Stars
By Aubri Parker
The meal was amazing but the portion of pork was way too tiny. It did not fill me up it was more of a snack
3  Stars
By Spencer Jardine
Delicious and very filling.
5  Stars
By Jackie Grissom
Very tasty and easy to heat and assemble. Not a huge portion.
5  Stars
By Tony Taricco
The flavor combo was not good. We did not care for the arugula with this dish. Both my daughter and I would not order this again.
3  Stars
By Kathleen Tait
Excellent! Loved it.
5  Stars
By Jan White
I have stood by Chef Cubberly and this dish since it first appeared at Munchery - because it is such a yum dish. But over time the amount of meat has grown smaller and smaller. My latest order meat did not even fill half the bun. Sorry, I'm done.
3  Stars
By Natalie Warner
This always needs more lettuce, and a bit less quinoa. It's still so delish.
3  Stars
By Julio Bermúdez
A little fishy.
3  Stars
By Dorothy Polash
For some reason I expected this to be a warm dish but it was cold - more of a rice salad dish. The dressing was super peppery so I only used a little - ate only half - save the other half for next day lunch and I warmed it up.
3  Stars
By Nancy Alcantar
5  Stars
By Liz Stonhaus
It's a good meal, but less a salad and more a quinoa chicken salad.
4  Stars
By Natasha Applegate
Sandwich was good but came with just a plain ole bun instead of that swell sesame seed bun in the picture.
4  Stars
By W N.
Very good, just wish there was a little more lettuce!
4  Stars
By Alyssa Kenville
Some more greens, less quinoa
3  Stars
By Angelina Miley
The salad components need to be separate, lettuce was soggy because of all the ingredients were mixed together.
1  Stars
By Michelle Stevenson
The salad is good! Pretty filling for a salad and the chicken had good portions too. It's a salad though so not super amazing but still worth the four.
4  Stars
By Andrew Lee
Missing the lettuce
3  Stars
By Kristen Davis
I order this at almost every opportunity and this most recent order contained "pickles" that tasted like slightly blanched, raw cucumbers; not the way they used to taste
3  Stars
By Lowen Lee-Polanco
More veggies!
3  Stars
By Cady Behles
Too much fat/heavy portions. Otherwise, good flavors.
3  Stars
By Cameron Nolasco
Succulent and generous portion of chicken and very tasty dressing and combination. I would say that the portion of quinoa is excessive but there is only a few shreds of lettuce. Would be a far better salad is there was more lettuce, less quinoa.
4  Stars
By Lisa Worrall
Toasted bun would make this awesome.
3  Stars
By John Warren
Ordered before, this time no seeds on the bun. Still very good, just not as listed. Will order again.
4  Stars
By T D.
We found a clash of flavours and would have liked more flavor in the meat.
3  Stars
By Sven Wolf
Salmon was extremely pink in the middle
2  Stars
By Micaela Nereu
I ordered two. I ate the first on Tuesday and it was great. I went to eat the second on wednesday night and it was inedible; the salmon had already gone bad. Fresh fish should last 2-3 days when refrigerated, this did not even last 24 hours. Inedible
1  Stars
By Shannyn Bessoni
Too many carbs which are just fillers
3  Stars
By Ashley Johnson
Great combination of ingredients....this is a favorite, and easy to prepare
5  Stars
By Sally Wetherby
Quality varies. This time still very tasty, but there was only 1 tomato.
4  Stars
By Ashante Holt
Excellent sandwich!
5  Stars
By C P.
Another Munchery winner, and I appreciate the addition of no-carb meals.. Perfectly baked salmon with gremolata. and a delicious side of roasted cauliflower salad.
5  Stars
By L G.
5  Stars
By Sonja Jamali
update instructions to say toast the bread. wonderful FLAVOR! love this!
5  Stars
By Bert Mcguirk
Pork seamed to be more 'mushy' than pulled. Bun is no longer coated with sesame seeds. Still a good tasting sandwich, the cole slaw makes all the difference.
3  Stars
By T D.

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