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Chef Robert Cubberly

Director of Culinary R&D
(38956 reviews)

Menu for Thursday, December 15

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Before joining Munchery as our Head of Culinary, Chef Robert Cubberly spent 20 years at various award-winning restaurants in the Bay Area, including many years partnering with Cindy Pawlcyn at the Real Restaurants Group and Bradley Ogden at Lark Creek Inn, both driving forces in the rebirth of American Regional, from-scratch cooking.

During those years he received 3-star reviews from the San Francisco Chronicle, plus write-ups in both Gourmet and Food Arts magazines. 
After spending a year in Europe, he opened his own 3-star French bistro, Le Petit Robert, on Russian Hill in San Francisco in 2001.

In 2007, Chef Cubberly ventured into corporate dining; he led three cafes at Google and developed their beta supper club. He then started Local Foodworks, a home meal delivery service in 2009.

He joined Starbucks in 2012 as a product developer, using sustainably raised food in large-scale production to create a new level of food quality at an affordable price. 

When he’s not in the kitchen, you’ll find him at a San Francisco Giants game, digging in his garden, or hiking through the woods with a pack on his back.

Total Reviews:
38956 reviews
Average Rating:
4.4 out of 5 stars
5 stars
4 stars
3 stars
2 stars
1 star
One of the most delicious meals I've had from Munchery!
5  Stars
By Jorge Mejia
This is ridiculously good
5  Stars
By Ben Shore
Super rich and delicious. Maybe a little less cheese and more salad to balance out the guilt...
5  Stars
By Nicole Martin
Crisp. Every ingredient fresh-tasting and satisfying.
5  Stars
By Tony Puccinelli
Absolutely amazing.
5  Stars
By Rachel Levin
Vinaigrette scrumptious. Combination of flavors delish!
5  Stars
By Julianna Clark-Wronski
Chicken was good, but not enough dressing for that much quinoa, so its ended up kind of bland. Not very taco salad-ish.
3  Stars
By Heather Walters
Too salty with all the capers
4  Stars
By Vanessa Drake
Barely any pickled cucumbers
3  Stars
By Yem Huynh
Cauliflower was mushy.
4  Stars
By Jamila Martin
The salad was awful. Terrible dressing.
2  Stars
By Jamie Gibson
This is the perfect salad and I order it whenever it's offered. Always great. Wish it was on the menu every day!
5  Stars
By Kristy Kennedy
Good, but portions too small.
4  Stars
By Trevor Wilson
Cauliflower side dish was very sour
3  Stars
By Natalia Perelman
Really good, but I only got 1/2 a tomato
4  Stars
By Leda Mast
Too much like a sauce
3  Stars
By Brian Schrader
Too salty, only had the salmon and thrown the rest away
1  Stars
By Chen Yang
Meat needs more flavor.
3  Stars
By P L.
Too many capers. Salmon doesn't taste fresh
2  Stars
By Kimberlli Walker
The dish was delivered and all tumbled over and mixed up. Was not appetizing at all - not sure the carrier cared about the delivery.
3  Stars
By R P.
Kinda bland
2  Stars
By Kristina Rhoades
We enjoyed this, but with our o n salad dressing.
5  Stars
By Marilyn Bonner
Delicious, but very heavy. Needed to hit the gym the next day.
5  Stars
By Sunny Huo
Just wonderful! But bun has no seeds(as pictured).
4  Stars
By T D.
More meat
2  Stars
By Conor Quinlan
It was almost too much food! Left me with a garlic taste.
3  Stars
By Jill Lewis
Please have it more!!!! I loved it! Amazing! So good!
5  Stars
By Jenny Griswold
The package was only half full, and weighed several ounces less than labeled. As a result it was less calories than stated and it was not enough to equal a meal. I hadn't ordered recently and this was a disappointing return to Munchery.
1  Stars
By Christina Johnson
This is the first time I've felt compelled to review an item. While the pork had good flavor, the Slaw was average, portion was small, and to top it off, my brioche roll was forgotten. I was very disappointed. I wouldn't order this item again. Sad.
2  Stars
By Paula Sando
We loved this dish. A great combination of protein and sides.
5  Stars
By Sunny Huo
Really good flavor but needs a real BBQ sauce.
5  Stars
By Majella Bushman
Could've done without the long green twig looking things and the lemon chunks with seeds sprinkled throughout. The cooking instructions did not mention what to do with the veggies. Warm them or eat them cold?
3  Stars
By Sheryl Mitchell
Creamy and delicious.
5  Stars
By Ana Maria Vallarino
Add a slice of lime and some optional heat?
3  Stars
By Letty Zazueta
One of our favorites, always a winner!
5  Stars
By Donna Rancatore
Too many capers
3  Stars
By George Tan
Leave out the very bitter lemon pieces or at least remove the peel. Would have otherwise given it a 4 star.
3  Stars
By Linda Grady
yummy :)
5  Stars
By Joyce Benz
Felt something lacking Chicken not too flavorful
3  Stars
By Donna Garcia
This mac & cheese is so flavorful & the short ribs add the finishing touch. Delicious! Thank you!
5  Stars
By Alison Kemp
The salmon was bland. Not sure if it was fresh. Tasted farm raised. The capers really didn't go with the fish.
2  Stars
By Wendy Morgan
Seriously guys? I don't know if I missed the memo that I'd have to make the COLD "burger" myself. The "meaty" component of it is something I'm still trying to deduce which animal it came from. I lknow for a fact that I'd be sick right now if I ate
1  Stars
By Tinashe Alpha Sibanda
1  Stars
By Andrew Moehrke
Tasty! I decided to heat it up even though the directions said not to. It was great warm. The dressing is really tangy and compliments the fish and rice perfectly.
5  Stars
By Amy Goldfine
The salad was extremely wilted:(
1  Stars
By Mildred Nidds
Lean, delicious and super satisfying with lots of nutrients. Exactly how I want to eat.
5  Stars
By Rebeccah Miller
Dressing seemed to be all oil and no vinegar--needs some tang.
2  Stars
By Melissa Trousdale
It was fine, but there wasn't really anything stand out about it. A vegetable would have been nice. Perhaps some cauliflower if in season?
3  Stars
By Elliot Glaysher
Way too salty
3  Stars
By Abigail Beyer
Would have loved more short rib, and less cheese
4  Stars
By Olga Lemberg