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Chef Alex Reccio

Alum of Limon (Exec Chef), Boulevard
(18282 reviews)

Menu for Today, February 28

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I was born and raised in the small fishing town of Chorrillos, which is south of Lima, Peru.The house where I lived was only a few blocks away from the beach and the original fish market of the district. From an early age, my grandma would make sure we'd have fresh seafood on our table. She never taught me to cook but instead taught me to eat well using the best ingredients.

I had never contemplated the idea of becoming a chef when I first moved to San Francisco when I was 18 (truth be told, sometimes I still don't believe the I am). However, by age 21, I was working at Enrico's Sidewalk Cafe in North Beach. At that time, San Francisco was a huge world packed in a tiny city, and I felt I could do anything. I consider myself a lucky person to have worked with so many talented cooks and chefs along the way, at places like Enrico's, Boulevard, Cosmopolitan, and Pomelo. Then, life gave me a chance to reach back into my roots when the owners of Limon Restaurant hired me and eventually allowed me to help design their menu and oversee their kitchen. Together, we gave birth to the concept of Limon Rotisserie and I felt truly blessed for being able to share a bit of Peruvian Cuisine with the city.

I had a lot of fun exploring my native cuisine in the those eight years. But now I've joined the Munchery team and I'm excited to create a new adventure and eager to share what little I've learned with all of you.

Total Reviews:
18282 reviews
Average Rating:
4.4 out of 5 stars
5 stars
4 stars
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1 star
We always love this salad. We order it just about every time its on the menu ... sometimes more than one ;)
5  Stars
By Jeana Rose
Delicious but a little too light on the croutons! Would be great to have a trade up option that includes white anchovies
5  Stars
By Rachel Levy
Very good dressing was delish and even the croutons were crispy excellent !
5  Stars
By Diane Volgenau
5  Stars
By Helen Dart
This salad is a consistent winner. Always fresh, balanced and tasty.
5  Stars
By Linda Howard
Perfect salad!
5  Stars
By Sarah Lee
We love this salad. But the dressing has become way too thick and hard to use.
3  Stars
By A R
TONS of lettuce, lots of dressing, not much parmesan, and only 6 croutons. Very yummy! But the portions weren't on point.
3  Stars
By Brittany Huntington
Less fresh lettuce than normal
4  Stars
The lettuce must have been at least 10 days old and was about half the portion usually in the salad. We ordered 4 Caesar salad and couldn't eat them.
1  Stars
By Donna Tombor
Only got three croutons and barley any cheese
2  Stars
By Angela Gillette
Not much flavor
3  Stars
By Maxine Krugman
Dressing had too much bad sardine smell, like the fish had gone. Ad
2  Stars
By Nivi Gill
There was a bug in my salad and it was still alive
1  Stars
By Ally Dameshghi
Salad was so what wilted again
3  Stars
By Kerynn Gianotti
Dressing was very heavy on the anchovy
3  Stars
By Meredith Gritzer
Very fishy, too much anchovy.
3  Stars
Dressing tasted like anchovies were used
2  Stars
By Brenton Corns
The dressing just tastes like mayo. Will not order again.
2  Stars
By Lauren Squaglia
The majority of the lettuce was brown. Very disappointing.
1  Stars
By Sharon Geenen
Dressing was bland and too thick.
3  Stars
By Sian Killingsworth
Dressing was fishy
3  Stars
By Jessica Lapan
The greens were wilted and brown.
1  Stars
By Steph Wang
Only 4 croutons....
3  Stars
By Erin Sumner
Didn't like the dressing. Did it have anchovies in it?
3  Stars
By Elliot Silberman
Croutons were somehow (even tho they were in separate container) soggy, and there were only three croutons. Very strange.
1  Stars
By James Kay
I ordered 2 Caesar salads and they were very small. I have been ordering this exact salad for 2 years now and it was half the size. Flavor and freshness were there but very disappointed in the size. Two salads did not equal the size of one salad.
3  Stars
By Patricia Troutman
Could not review as you notified me at 4:00 pm dinner not coming. Hope this does not happen again. Thank you for the credit.
1  Stars
By Janet Redman
Overwhelming fishy flavor and smell of the Caesar dressing. The cheese wasn't very prominent either. Lettuce was only quality ingredient/aspect...
2  Stars
By Merrill Anderson
Okay. Nothing special.
3  Stars
By Kathy O'Connell
Too much anchovy
2  Stars
By Alyssa Bonnette
Few croutons, less dressing than usual
3  Stars
By Erika Heggie
The ranch doesn't taste as creamy as it used to. ☹️
3  Stars
By Katheryn Rodriguez
Too anchovy for me
3  Stars
By Rachael Maddison
Not enough croutons or dressing.
3  Stars
By Scott Cantley
Wilted lettuce
3  Stars
By Kayla Hinderscheid
For the price, I would like to see something different in this Caesar salad. Was in Montreal recently and the Caesar salad. I ordered had, besides romaine, kale. Was terrific. I was a surprised how good it was.
3  Stars
By Joanne Smith
A little soggy. Have dressing on the side
3  Stars
By Lisa Gidley
Too fishy
3  Stars
By C A.
Needs more croutons!!
4  Stars
By Simone Haas
More dressing please
2  Stars
By Erica Ingham
Was missing pepper and salt.
3  Stars
By Nichole Fischer
Extremely disappointing. Lettuce was pallid with barely a hint of green anywhere; cheese scant; and croutons stale. Total waste of money.
1  Stars
By Kathleen McNamara
a bit too fishy for my taste
3  Stars
By Corey Doermann
Found a bug. Gross.
2  Stars
By Emily Singer Mandel
Very strong anchovy taste.
3  Stars
By Colleen Moore
tasted like anchovies
3  Stars
By Tara Brinkman
Really good. Dressing was super thick, I used about 1/3 of it and cut it with some lemon juice.
4  Stars
By Alicia Giovannini
Brown leaves
1  Stars
By Naji Duran-Janini
Dressing had an odd taste and there were too few croutons.
2  Stars
By Sharon Karmon

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